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Baby Dolls and Clothing for Daycares & Childcare Centers

Every young girl loves to play pretend with baby dolls. Keep a few of our quality baby dolls in your childcare facility so kids can play make believe mommy and daddy. Kids in daycares can learn how to take care of babies which is especially useful if they have younger infant siblings at home.

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Every little girl should have at least 1 doll growing up to play with. Choose from our african, asian,  hispanic, white, and american dolls. If you have ever stopped to observe very small children of the preschool and daycare age, you will have noticed they're already developing stereotypes and preferences developed by their own observations of those around them. We want to believe young children have not yet been exposed to the realities of gender, skin, disability, and language biases, but in actuality they've been exposed since they were able to start seeing and listen to the world around them. The use of dolls for teaching play can be a remarkable tool in helping young children to understand that different does not equal unacceptable.

Buy your wholesale baby dolls from the leader in childcare and daycare supply. Every young girl on the planet wants a baby doll to play with when they are little.

Dolls for your childcare and church youth centers. Little kids love to play with dolls that look just like they do, which is understandable. We, by nature, are attracted to that which is familiar. However, as small children, before they're exposed to a lot of social queues picked up by watching older children and adults, are also naturally curious and drawn to those who are opposite of themselves. They want to touch a darker child's skin and examine the eye shape of a child of a different nationality, and none of this is done with malice of forethought, but with a small child's own desire to learn. However, oftentimes this innocent curiosity to learn about different people is hushed out of them by wary adults.