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2nd Look Daycare Book Boxes

If you’re looking to update the book selection at your daycare or childcare center, this is the category for you! Bulk used books can be purchased as a subscription to ensure your daycare book offering is always fresh. Each box of books for preschoolers features a collection of previously loved children's books that are looking for a new set of little hands to pick them up for story time. Perfect for preschools, daycare centers and childcares, our used children’s books include stories for ages 5 and below. Each story book box, measuring 18” x 12” x 10'', comes packed full so you are guaranteed to receive a good variety and quantity of like-new children’s books in each box. Due to the various sizes of each book, the quantity per book box will vary.

Our second-hand books come in a mixture of hard covers and soft covers and may include some seasonal or holiday related titles. Cheap children’s books come in fair to like-new condition and can easily be passed on to the next classroom or donated when students are ready for a set of new stories.

Each 2nd Look Book Box measures 18” x 12” x 10” and includes:

  • A variety of primarily hard cover, board & paperback books
  • Fair to like-new condition books
  • Age appropriate for infant to 5 years
  • An average of 35-50 books
  • Books of all shapes and sizes