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Scissors and rulers selling into offices and schools around the world. Acme is now the leading scissors and ruler brand in the USA and the first choice for teachers, professionals and students. Following this success in scissors and rulers, Westcott extended to other precision office tools such as trimmers, pencil sharpeners, and other school and office tools, etc.

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Plastic Ruler 12in Plastic Ruler 12in
Our Price: $0.50 / Each
School Ruler Wood 12 In Single 12 Inch Wood Ruler
Our Price: $0.75 / Each
Ultimate Safety Scissors Ultimate Safety Scissors
Our Price: $2.00 / Each
Teacher/Office Shears 9in Teacher/Office Shears 9in
Our Price: $2.50 / Each
Junior Scissors 5 in. Blunt Junior Scissors 5 in. Blunt
Our Price: $3.00 / Each  
Yardstick Classroom Wooden Yardstick
Our Price: $3.25 / Each
Meterstick Classroom Meterstick
Our Price: $3.75 / Each
Titanium Teacher Shears Titanium Teacher Shears
Our Price: $10.25 / Each
Multipurpose Trimmer -12 in. Multipurpose Trimmer -12 in.
Our Price: $19.75 / Each  
Westcott Scissor Caddy Westcott Scissor Caddy
Our Price: $20.25 / Each