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Half-Body Animal Hand Puppets

When it comes to putting on the ultimate puppet show, our selection of animal hand puppets is sure to give your kids the props to make it a great one. We know how much kids love to put on farm animal hand puppets and make a creative story to share with their friends, so we offer a wide range of animals to choose from, including frogs, tigers, elephants, ducks and much more. Perfect for recess or playtime!

Especially at an early age, itís always important to encourage students to explore their imagination in order to enhance their creative storytelling skill. Not only is it a great skill to have, but it will also help exercise their creative muscle in general. With our kidsí animal puppets, weíre providing you with simple learning tools that will prepare kids to use their creative problem-solving skills in the future to find innovative ways to contribute to our society. Daycare animal puppets have always been a great hit at childcare facilities because kids just canít get enough of the adorable variety of animals. Make learning fun with our selection of hand puppets today!

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