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Apple Accents and Border Trim Decorations For Classrooms

Students will love our Apple Border Decorations and trim for classroom and learning facility walls. These Apple borders and accents are guaranteed to brighten up your classroom. They can also be used as a fun way to promote healthy eating and discussing healthy foods as well as a healthy lifestyle.

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Apples Mini Cutouts Apples Mini Cutouts
Our Price: $3.88 / Each
Apple Notepad Apple Notepad
Our Price: $3.15 / Each
Apples & Books Apples & Books
Our Price: $3.60 / Each
Notepad Large Macintosh Apple Notepad Large Macintosh Apple
Our Price: $3.19 / Each
Notepad Mini Mac Apple Notepad Mini Mac Apple
Our Price: $2.13 / Each
Mini Accents Apple 36/Pk 3in Mini Accents Apple 36/Pk 3in
Our Price: $3.61 / Each
Apples Pp Cut Outs Apples Pp Cut Outs
Our Price: $11.68 / Each
Apple Two Sided Decorations Apple Two Sided Decorations
Our Price: $3.15 / Each
Apple Accents Apple Accents
Our Price: $5.42 / Each
Elementary school teachers love to decorate their classrooms with an Apple theme. Apples have always been associated with teaching and kids giving apples to their teachers. Choose from apple posters, bulletin board sets, borders, trim, notepads, nameplates and more.
Buy your wholesale Apple Border and Accent Decorations from the leader in childcare, school classroom, and daycare supply.  Teach your children to count and sing their ABCs. Apple Classroom Theme for young kids and childrens learning centers and schools.