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Fall Apple Craft

Fall Crafts are always a hit for little ones in daycare centers and schools! This one is sure to meet those standards and will be an easy project for children to complete. These are the steps to a simple yet creative craft that will turn a plate into an apple. This fall craft is great for practicing cutting skills and learning how to use scissors.

Materials needed:

paper plates

scissors, crayons or paint

glue, string (optional)


First off, you will need a plate. A plain, white, paper plate would work best. You can choose which size you would like according to how big you want your apple to be.

1. Begin by cutting off the outer edges of your plate that are across from one another. If you were looking at a clock you would be cutting off the sides for 3 and 6. You will want to cut them into a “C” shape to make the plate resemble the core of an apple. You can mark these ahead of time to give students lines to follow while cutting or you can let them do it on their own. Allowing them to do it themselves will make their apples look a little more unique and provide them with practice for using scissors.

2. Now it’s time to get out the crayons or paint! Color or paint the plate to make it resemble an apple. Kids can get creative here and do red apples, green apples or maybe even a crazy colored apple. They can even add seeds or buttons for decoration if they would like! Take the pieces of plate that we cut off earlier and color or paint them green. These will be the leaves for our apple.

3.When everyone has finished coloring their apple and leaves, you are ready to glue the leaves onto the apple. This will go on the top middle of your apple. You will also want to add a looped piece of string to this area on the back. Simply cross the string in the shape of a raindrop. The string will act as the stem as well as a hanger so you can display your apple. Don’t forget to write your name on the back!

All done! There you have it; A fun and simple fall craft that your little ones are sure to enjoy.

There are numerous crafts that can be made using foam bowls. The two I have listed here are especially for toddlers and preschoolers, making them great crafts for home, child care centers, and parties. These two are fun for any time of the year.

Funny Bowl Hat

Materials Needed:

1 – 12 oz foam bowl

3 – different colors of children’s paints

3 – child-size paint brushes

1 – thick glue

10 – assorted buttons

Scraps of fabric

Scraps of fabric trim



Step 1 – Place 12 oz foam bowl upside down on newspaper or old shower curtain to protect surface.

Step 2 – Paint outside only of bowl; let dry.

Step 3 – Using glue, place buttons, fabric, fabric trim and feathers randomly on top and sides of bowl; let dry completely. Enjoy the funny hat!

“Quiet” Drum

Materials Needed:

2 – 12 oz foam bowls

1 – thick glue

1 – ballpoint pen

1 – 36”-48” length of ½ “ wide ribbon

4 – 7” strips of ½ “ wide brown construction paper

2 – new, unsharpened pencils


Step 1 – Place 1 12 oz foam bowl right side up on table; put glue all around top edge and place the second bowl upside down, pressing edges together tightly. Let dry completely.

Step 2 – Using ballpoint pen, have an adult make one hole in edge and a second hole in edge on opposite side. Thread ribbon through 1 hole, tying it in a large knot to secure and thread the other end through the opposite hole, tying it in a large knot as well. The side without the knots is now the top of drum.

Step 3 – Glue the 4 strips of construction paper in a crisscross pattern on top bowl.

Step 4 – Use the new, unsharpened pencils as drumsticks and have fun!

You can create seasonal crafts with bowls, too! Order your 12 oz foam bowls in bulk!
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