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Arts and Crafts Kits

Keep your childcare kids busy with our Arts and Crafts Kits. These daycare art kits are fun and entertaining for your children. Each kit has everything your daycare needs for some simple projects. Art is an excellent way to foster self-confidence, concentration, as well as fine motor skills. Encourage your children's creativity and imagination with these fantastic arts and crafts kits.

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Textured Stampers Textured Stampers
Our Price: $15.00 / Each
Super Huge Treasure Box Super Huge Treasure Box
Our Price: $68.00 / Each
Paper Doll Pad Paper Doll Pad 40 sheets
Our Price: $7.50 / Each
Paint Effect Stampers Paint Effect Stampers
Our Price: $9.00 / Each
Classic Crafts Activities Box Classic Crafts Activities Box
Our Price: $63.75 / Each
Wood Crafts Activities Wood Crafts Activities
Our Price: $68.00 / Each
Colossal Barrel Of Crafts Colossal Barrel Of Crafts
Our Price: $64.75 / Each
Collage Trays 25 Each 9x11 Collage Trays 25 Each 9x11
Our Price: $13.00 / Each
Easel Companion Set Easel Companion Set
Our Price: $40.00 / Each
After School Fun Kit After School Fun Kit
Our Price: $26.25 / Each
Shape Model And Mold Shape Model And Mold
Our Price: $20.00 / Each
Wood Letters and Numbers Wood Letters and Numbers
Our Price: $21.75 / Each
Art Craft Swabs 100 Per Pack Art Craft Swabs 100 Per Pack
Our Price: $1.75 / Pack
Cello Wrap Roll Red Cello Wrap Roll Red
Our Price: $4.00 / Each
Cello Wrap Roll Green Cello Wrap Roll Green
Our Price: $4.00 / Each
Super Colossal Pipe Cleaners Super Colossal Pipe Cleaners
Our Price: $19.25 / Each
Multicultural People 16 in. Multicultural People 16 in.
Our Price: $7.00 / Each
Cello Wrap Roll Blue Cello Wrap Roll Blue
Our Price: $4.00 / Each
Cello Wrap Roll Yellow Cello Wrap Roll Yellow
Our Price: $4.00 / Each
Cello Wrap Roll Clear Cello Wrap Roll Clear
Our Price: $4.00 / Each
Cello Wrap Roll Orange Cello Wrap Roll Orange
Our Price: $4.00 / Each
Let your children express their creativity and have fun with our wide variety of Art and Craft Kits. Your children will be able to design their own Mosiac master piece, with our variety of Mosiac kits. They could  make their own hat with our Quick Knit Loom, or create their own masterpiece with our Making Masterpieces Art Kit. Kits are designed for your classroom, home or childcare center.
Buy wholesale Arts and Crafts Kits for your childcare center or church.  These daycare art kits have all you need to entertain children and foster creativity.  Our popular spoon kits allow children to make people and animals out of wooden spoons.  What a great way to teach. Buy Art and Craft Kits for your art class, home or classrooms to promote creativity and designing. Your students may one day become famous artists, graphics designers or marketing gurus.