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CACFP Approved Healthy Snacks for Kids

For most kids in school, snack time is the best time of the day. But with newly revised guidelines from the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP), finding snacks that your students will enjoy can be challenging. These new regulations are making huge efforts to ensure the kids in your care are getting the nutrition they need and learning lifelong healthy eating habits. These new rules include greater emphasis on separating fruit and vegetable servings into separate daily requirements, increasing whole grains and age-appropriate meals, and cutting down on the added sugar in the everyday diets of your students. Thankfully, with our line of CACFP-approved snacks, your students will be enjoying the best whole-grain snacks and sugar-free snacks around.

The whole-grain products in our selection are not only delicious, they are completely compliant with the new CACFP guidelines and will make the perfect addition to your food program for daycare and elementary school students. So if you need to find yummy snacks that will keep your kids going while they learn, take a look at our selection of snacks that follow the CACFP regulations for less added sugar and more whole grains. Your students will love the snacks for their taste, you’ll love the snacks for how they’ll keep your students focused and ready to learn throughout the day, and parents will love these new snack options for the peace of mind they’ll gain from knowing their kids are getting all the nutrition they need without all the added sugar. Browse healthy daycare snacks for kids here, and enjoy bulk pricing.

Click to download the Overview and child meal schedule example for the new October 1, 2017 Child & Adult Care Food Program Meal Patterns regulations.