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We have the biggest variety of childrens Card Games for churches, daycares, schools and other childcare centers. Children learn so much at such an early age. Their minds are like little sponges, soaking up new knowledge and developing useful skills. This is why it is crucial that they play fun and educational games. Having fun is thought of to be one of the best ways to learn. When a child doesn't feel like they are working, they can grasp onto new ideas and concepts while thinking they are just playing a simple game. Card games are a great way to learn and improve memory. Whether at church, school, or home, playing a card game is an easy way to keep kids entertained while learning valuable skills!
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Card Games for your childcare and church youth centers. Match Me Cards Opposites is great for conceptual learning. During this card game, a child is instructed to match a phrase to a picture that stands for the opposite of the word. For example, the word "cold" would be paired with a picture of a fire and the word "hot" paired with a picture of a popsicle. This game is the perfect way to get children to understand opposites while having a good time! Likewise, matching games are beneficial for children  to recognize similarities and differences, deciding whether two cards match one another or not.
Engaging a child's memory helps set them up for their entire lives. Since memory is an important part of learning and studying in school, it's crucial that it is engaged at an early stage. The Creation Memory Match card game is a fun and innovative way to do just that! During this game, a child is given several down faced cards. They must flip one over, revealing its picture. Then, they are to flip over a second card to try to find its match. Eventually, the child will begin flipping over cards and finding their match by remembering where it was during a previous attempt. It's also fun for the adults to see the excitement on the child's face when they get a correct match!
Other card games can help children learn the alphabet, vocabulary, math skills, and so much more! Not only will these concepts be learned, but children will acquire motivation and gain healthy experiences of victory and disappointment when they win or lose a competitive card game. Since cards are easy to take on the road, children can be entertained during travel. The best part is, they will be learning skills that will be used for a lifetime!