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Learning Centers

When it comes to ready-to-use learning centers and your student's time spent there, you'll be amazed at how they flourish when given the time to use hand-on activities. With so many ideas like flannel board stories, finger plays with puppets, interactive stories, cut-out-cards and so much more, you will find year after year, students delighting in their ability to use their imagination in these enriching dramatic play centers that make learning more than a chore, but moments that will allow their active brains and busy hands to create and conquer.

Learning Centers
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Buy Ready Made Learning Centers from the leader in childcare, daycare and school supply. It's no secret that over the years, emphasis in education from the earliest to the final years has dramatically shifted from teaching students as a whole person, including their emotional, social, and physical development, to mostly academic. This is why learning centers remain such an important foundation of the classroom experience. Centers allow students to work on their own or together, utilizing decision making skills, cooperation between themselves, and both independent and inter-dependent problem-solving to play and learn. Your goal, as the teacher, during center time is to listen, observe, help when needed, engage your students in educational discourse, and gently guide students to new observations.