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Magnetism Learning Materials for Childcare Centers and Schools

Magnets are fascinating to young kids. There are many magnetism kits and magnets to choose from for your childcare center. Magnetism is also an excellent way to introduce scientific topics into a classroom. Basic experiments can be conducted, such as applying magnetic properties to a non-magnetic item, such as a nail, by rubbing it in the same direction as the magnet. This may be combined with products such as the "Science Critical Thinking" flip book that utilizes magnets and other scientific tools to explore various concepts and combine them with skills of application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation. Through these tools, an educator can begin introducing more advanced concepts in physics and science, as magnets are an excellent stepping-stone toward continued scientific exploration among children of all ages.

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Science Set Electromagnetic 10 Yr Science Set Electromagnetic
Our Price: $33.75 / Each
Magnet Marbles 20 Marbles Magnet Marbles 20 Marbles
Our Price: $5.75 / Each
Classroom Magnet Lab Kit Classroom Magnet Lab Kit
Our Price: $37.00 / Each
3 Bar Magnets Set Of 2 3 Bar Magnets Set Of 2
Our Price: $11.50 / Each
Magnet Alnico Bar 2 Inch 2-Pk Magnet Alnico Bar 2 Inch 2-Pk
Our Price: $10.00 / Each
Science Set Motor/Generator Science Set Motor/Generator
Our Price: $33.75 / Each
Classroom Attractions Level 1 Classroom Attractions Level 1
Our Price: $72.75 / Each
Classroom Attractions Level 2 Classroom Attractions Level 2
Our Price: $71.00 / Each
Classroom Attractions Level 3 Classroom Attractions Level 3
Our Price: $104.00 / Each
Magnet Giant Horseshoe 8 Magnet Giant Horseshoe 8
Our Price: $5.75 / Each
Block Magnet Display 40 Pcs Block Magnet Display 40 Pcs
Our Price: $32.50 / Each
Button Magnet Display 40 Pcs Button Magnet Display 40 Pcs
Our Price: $31.00 / Each
Alnico Science Kit Alnico Science Kit
Our Price: $20.00 / Each
12 Oz Jar Iron Filings 12 Oz Jar Iron Filings
Our Price: $6.00 / Each

Science Discovery Kits Magnet Science Discovery Kits Magnet
Our Price: $32.00 / Each
Ten 3/4 Ceramic Disc Magnets Ten 3/4 Ceramic Disc Magnets
Our Price: $3.75 / Each
Eight 1 Ceramic Disc Magnets Eight 1 Ceramic Disc Magnets
Our Price: $3.75 / Each
Iron Filings 12 Tubes Iron Filings 12 Tubes
Our Price: $15.75 / Each
Horseshoe Magnets 25 Pcs Horseshoe Magnets 25 Pcs
Our Price: $16.75 / Each
Super Strong Magnetic Hooks Super Strong Magnetic Hooks
Our Price: $13.00 / Each
Magnetic Hooks Set Of 5 Magnetic Hooks Set Of 5
Our Price: $10.00 / Each
One of the reasons that magnetism is an important topic for children to learn is because it's often an introductory concept that can lead to a future career in science. Not only does it demonstrate the powers of physics in a real-world environment, it also introduces the concept of electromagnetism, a field that is becoming increasingly important in science and technology. Adults with careers in scientific fields often begin with an interest as early as first grade, and so an early introduction to these concepts could pave the path for a long-term exploration of these exciting subjects. Or, if nothing else, it's a great way for children of all ages to interact with one another and conduct experiments that are designed to both educate and also entertain.  Buy your wholesale Magnetism Learning Materials from the leader in childcare, daycare and school supply. Children can build all kinds of neat things with our variety of different magnets and kits.

Magnetism is a key concept in the world around us from the earths gravitational field to engines. Teach your young scientists all there is to know about magnetics. One of the best ways to teach children about the laws of physics and science is through magnetism. This is because few other subjects provide the opportunity for hands-on exploration of different principles of science, typically through a variety of fun and exciting workshops. It's no surprise that children seem endlessly fascinated by magnets, as throughout history they were considered to have magical powers, and were called 'lodestones' that typically came in the form of meteorites that were picked and saved by mystics. It wasn't until the scientific era that it was discovered the remarkable properties of magnets are perfectly natural.

Through magnetism, a variety of different experiments and techniques can be tested. A perfect example is levitation, as products like the Floating Magnet Rings provide opportunities for children to be amazed by the power of what magnets can really do. Other products, like the Classic Horseshoe Magnet and the Magnetic Color Maze, provide opportunities for children to not only learn about science, but to also engage in creative games that challenge their cerebral and cognitive skills in a fun learning environment. Buy Magnetism learning tools at wholesale prices for your classroom.