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Counting Games

Math Counting Games are perfect for daycares and childcare centers. Learning to count is the first step in developing skills in mathematics. Provide plenty of counting games in your preschool and kindergarten to get your kids on the right track with numbers. Our selection of counting games is also excellent home school and elementary schools as well. Get yours today and let the counting fun begin!

Counting Games
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Slide Abacus Slide Abacus
Our Price: $16.64 / Each
Wooden Abacus Wooden Abacus
Our Price: $14.68 / Each
Counters Mini-Motors 72-Pk Counters Mini-Motors 72-Pk
Our Price: $19.57 / Each
Color Tiles Color Tiles
Our Price: $29.45 / Each
Counters Backyard Bugs 72-Pk Counters Backyard Bugs 72-Pk
Our Price: $19.57 / Each
Bean Counters 200-Pk Plastic Red & Plastic Bean Counters 200-Pk
Our Price: $9.78 / Each
Counters Mini Dinos 108-Pk Counters Mini Dinos 108-Pk
Our Price: $22.58 / Each
Connecting Cuisenaire Rods Connecting Cuisenaire Rods
Our Price: $13.71 / Each
Counting To 100 4in Learning Counting To 100 4in Learning
Our Price: $5.40 / Each
Unifix Cubes 240 Pcs Unifix Cubes 240 Pieces
Our Price: $32.27 / Each
Magnetic 100 Board & Tiles Magnetic 100 Board & Tiles
Our Price: $32.40 / Each
Foam Magnetic Base 10 Set Foam Magnetic Base 10 Set
Our Price: $44.18 / Each
Animal Counters Tubbed Animal Counters Tubbed
Our Price: $9.91 / Each
Fruit Counters Fruit Counters
Our Price: $21.54 / Each
Aquatic Counters Aquatic Counters
Our Price: $19.61 / Each
Magnetic Two-Color Counters Magnetic Two-Color Counters
Our Price: $9.81 / Each
Magnetic Wand & Chips Magnetic Wand & Chips
Our Price: $18.60 / Each
Magnetic Overhead Counters Magnetic Overhead Counters
Our Price: $3.92 / Each
Snap-N-Learn  Number Bugs Snap-N-Learn Number Bugs
Our Price: $19.57 / Each
Foam Fun Magnet Counters Foam Fun Magnet Counters
Our Price: $9.85 / Each
2 Color Desktop Abacus 2 Color Desktop Abacus
Our Price: $12.73 / Each

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