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Counting Games

Math Counting Games are perfect for daycares and childcare centers. Learning to count is the first step in developing skills in mathematics. Provide plenty of counting games in your preschool and kindergarten to get your kids on the right track with numbers. Our selection of counting games is also excellent home school and elementary schools as well. Get yours today and let the counting fun begin!

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Slide Abacus Slide Abacus
Our Price: $20.00 / Each
Wooden Abacus Wooden Abacus
Our Price: $15.00 / Each
Counters Mini-Motors 72-Pk Counters Mini-Motors 72-Pk
Our Price: $20.00 / Each
Color Tiles Color Tiles
Our Price: $30.00 / Each
Counters Backyard Bugs 72-Pk Counters Backyard Bugs 72-Pk
Our Price: $20.00 / Each
Number Play 10/Pk Ages 3-6 Number Play 10/Pk Ages 3-6
Our Price: $14.50 / Each
Animal Counters Tubbed Animal Counters Tubbed
Our Price: $11.00 / Each
Magnetic Two-Color Counters Magnetic Two-Color Counters
Our Price: $13.00 / Each
Magnetic Overhead Counters Magnetic Overhead Counters
Our Price: $4.50 / Each
Foam Fun Magnet Counters Foam Fun Magnet Counters
Our Price: $13.00 / Each
2 Color Desktop Abacus 2 Color Desktop Abacus
Our Price: $13.00 / Each

Number Line Bb Set Number Line Bulletin Board Set
Our Price: $13.75 / Each
Math Die Cut Magnets Dice Math Die Cut Magnets Dice
Our Price: $5.00 / Each  
Math Die Cut Magnets U.S. Dollars Math Die Cut Magnets U.S. Dollars
Our Price: $5.00 / Each  
Gr 1 Spectrum Math Gr 1 Spectrum Math
Our Price: $11.00 / Each
Canadian Dollar Magnetics Canadian Dollar Magnetics
Our Price: $5.00 / Each  
Numbers 0-20 Bulletin Board Set Numbers 0-20 Bulletin Board Set
Our Price: $12.00 / Set  
Counting games and learning materials to teach young kids how to count. These school and childcare learning tools are proven to teach children to count properly. The foundation of all math starts with a firm grasp on counting. Fully understanding counting means a child will begin to learn more complex math skills much quicker and easier. Students can struggle with counting as it is there first introduction into math. One through ten are easily learned, but a child often memorizes how to count to ten and doesn't fully understand what each number means. Many children begin to struggle once counting past ten. Making learning fun by including games, toys, books and cards will hold the students interest and make them want to learn. Buy your wholesale Math Counting Games from the leader in childcare, daycare and school supply.

Counting learning tools and books at wholesale prices for your classroom. The great counting games available teach students to count while they are having fun with their friends. Wiggley Jiggley Worm Critters help teach kids to count by measuring jiggle worms of various lengths. The worms come in four different sizes and colors allowing children to have a blast and learn to count while playing with worms. The various colors help the children associate them with different lengths making learning to count easier. "Number Play" is a super fun math puzzle that associates numbers with familiar objects. It helps the children better understand the meaning behind the numbers. "Inchworms" help students learn to count and measure all at the same time. It comes with one inch worms that can be linked to together to form any length.