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Sorting Skills Games

Math Sorting Skills games and toys are great early childhood learning tools. Let your kids learn to sort rings, blocks, and shapes. Sorting books are one of the best ways to teach young children about colors. They can help them identify colors that are different from each other, and they can also help them learn what colors go with certain objects. For example, fruit is a common image in a book that teaches sorting lesson plans because it's important for children to learn how to associate colors and objects. Games that require children to sort colors are also a great way to teach them to group like colors, as well.

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3d Feel & Find Age 3 & Up 3d Feel & Find Age 3 & Up
Our Price: $31.25 / Each
Geometric Stacker Geometric Stacker
Our Price: $17.00 / Each
Bead Sequencing Set Bead Sequencing Set
Our Price: $30.00 / Each
Shape Sorting Cube Shape Sorting Cube
Our Price: $15.00 / Each
Attribute Blocks Set Desk Set Attribute Blocks Set Desk Set
Our Price: $20.00 / Each
Shape & Color Sorter Ages 2-6 Shape & Color Sorter Ages 2-6
Our Price: $14.50 / Each
Egg And Shape Sorter Egg And Shape Sorter
Our Price: $10.75 / Each
Super Sorting Pie Super Sorting Pie
Our Price: $29.75 / Each
Counting and Sorting Kit Counting and Sorting Kit
Our Price: $82.75 / Each
Math Die Cut Magnets U.S. Dollars Math Die Cut Magnets U.S. Dollars
Our Price: $5.00 / Each  
Shapes are also included in most sorting books. In fact, we even carry books that are just based on teaching children how to sort out different shapes. This is usually done using a match-this type lesson where they have to draw a line from one like object to another. Additionally, they may have to color or circle similar objects, as well. The games and hands-on activities that we offer are a great way to supplement your shape sorting books because they help children learn how to match a physical shape with a hole that it fits in. This promotes critical thinking skills as they try to figure out which objects can fit through certain cut outs. Buy your wholesale Math Sorting Skills Learning Games from the leader in childcare, daycare and school supply.

Math Sorting books for educating your children in schools, childcare centers, churches and home schooling on the basics of sorting. Our Sorting educational materials make learning to sort fun and easy for the kids. Early childhood sorting lessons have been shown to increase math skills tremendously. As a child care provider, your entire motivation is to help children get the best start that they can in life. But did you know that children who are taught how to sort colors, shapes and different sequences that combine the two are proven to be more successful adults? Fortunately, it's really easy to help them get a head start when they are in their early formative years by providing them with enriching sorting books and activities to help them master the basics. In fact, learning how to sort can even be done at home with special worksheets that the children can take home with them.

Sorting books are a great way to teach children how to recognize sequences. A sequence combines a series of a like objects, colors and shapes, and encourages children to learn how all of these things can work together. Depending on the grade level that you teach, you may want to consider picking up some of our fun games, as well, to help children become enthusiastic about sorting different objects. These come in a variety of different skill levels, starting with easy blocks and progressing to puzzles and large sorting sets. Math Sorting Educational Learning tools for your school or home at wholesale prices.