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Bulletin Board Borders & Classroom Decorations

Birds, balloons, numbers and letters make up just a fraction of bulletin board borders and other classroom decorations we offer here at Pure FUN! Supply. Bulletin board supplies make up a big part of every elementary school and daycare classroom, and we've got tons of elementary and preschool classroom decorations and daycare décor you can use to create any kind of classroom look you like!

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Rainbow Stripes Border Rainbow Stripes Border
Our Price: $4.06 / Each
The Very Hungry Caterpillar The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Our Price: $3.59 / Each
Border Red Scalloped Border Red Scalloped
Our Price: $3.60 / Each
Border Yellow Scalloped Border Yellow Scalloped
Our Price: $2.59 / Each
Rainbow Swirls Rainbow Swirls
Our Price: $3.60 / Each
Border Storage Border Storage
Our Price: $13.50 / Each
Border Keys To Music Border Keys To Music
Our Price: $3.72 / Each
Trimmer Snow Flurries Trimmer Snow Flurries
Our Price: $3.61 / Each
Dots On Black Wavy Border Dots On Black Wavy Border
Our Price: $4.06 / Each
Trimmer Silver Sparkle Trimmer Silver Sparkle
Our Price: $4.51 / Each
Trimmer Red Sparkle Trimmer Red Sparkle
Our Price: $4.51 / Each
Trimmer Green Sparkle Trimmer Green Sparkle
Our Price: $4.51 / Each
Trimmer Blue Sparkle Trimmer Blue Sparkle
Our Price: $4.51 / Each
Fall Straight Border Trim Fall Straight Border Trim
Our Price: $3.60 / Each
Apple Two Sided Decorations Apple Two Sided Decorations
Our Price: $3.15 / Each
Testing In Progress Two Sided Testing In Progress Two Sided
Our Price: $1.74 / Each
Apples Border Apples Border
Our Price: $3.60 / Each
Hot Air Balloons Accents Hot Air Balloons Accents
Our Price: $3.87 / Each
Handprints Accents Handprints Accents
Our Price: $5.39 / Each
Turkey Accents Turkey Accents
Our Price: $5.41 / Each
School Fun Border School Fun Border
Our Price: $3.60 / Each
Bees Border Bees Border
Our Price: $3.60 / Each
Bubbles Border Bubbles Border
Our Price: $3.60 / Each
Peanuts Welcome Go Arounds Peanuts Welcome Go Arounds
Our Price: $9.03 / Each
Gifts and Lights Cut Outs Gifts and Lights Cut Outs
Our Price: $5.41 / Pack  
Curriculum Cutouts Word Wheel Set Curriculum Cutouts Word Wheel Set
Our Price: $19.87 / Set  

Find the perfect school classroom decoration motif for your needs and get a good mix so you can change them often. Our alphabetized listing of subcategories makes it easy to find what you're looking for, from classroom borders and trim to window clings, door hangers, posters and inspirational accents. Choose from stars, sports, smiley faces and seasonal decorations. Build borders with an accent on money or music, animals, or letters of the alphabet.

Buy your wholesale Classroom Decorations including borders and trim from the leader in childcare and school supply. Teachers will find every classroom theme possible for their classrooms. From bulletin board sets to charts to stickers and even workbooks. Your classroom will be decorated nicely with our themes. Use these bright colors to decorate your classroom. Check out our bulletin board sets section for more classroom decorations. It goes without saying that your classroom decorations should be both entertaining and educational. Sometimes it is not easy to incorporate the two because, what is educational is not always entertaining. One way to do this is to find some really cool and funny posters about learning. It is not necessarily required that the children have to learn something from the posters and décor, but everything should be learning-oriented. Otherwise, you could have an unhappy principal on your hands and no teacher really wants that.

We stock hundreds of different border designs to line your walls, doors, bulletin boards and whiteboards as decorations. You can either tack them up or tape them to the walls for your school year.

Teachers will find every decoration they need to make their classroom inviting and exciting for the children. Our bright colored class cutout decorations come in hundreds of themes and topics. Decorate your learning and play rooms with starts, animals, fruit and other themes.

Teachers will find everything they need to make their classroom inviting and exciting. It is rare that children like going to school. Even those who excel at most, if not all, subjects tend to not like going to school because of how early they have to get up. As a teacher, there are ways that you can at least make the child's learning experience a little better. One way is through having great classroom decorations so that your room is not just some sterile and bland environment. Sure, some people may think that having a lot of stuff on the walls is distracting for the students, but it is actually the opposite.

Buy Wholesale Classroom Decorations for schools and childcare facility classrooms. Many teachers have never seen what a room looks like without the classroom decorations put up. As a matter of fact, a lot of teachers inherit their predecessor's wall art. If you were to take everything off the walls and the boards in the room, you would be left with a stark and uninviting room. While you may think that this would provide little to no distraction for the students, it actually would provide a lot of distraction. Most people, not just kids, cannot concentrate in a room with nothing on the walls. They start looking around and it actually makes them depressed. So, do your class a favor and put up some fun wall art.