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Coat Racks & Cubbies for Daycares & Schools

Sometimes itís tough to keep the classroom or daycare space neat and organized. Coats get thrown on the ground and books are shoved wherever they can fit. Classroom cubbies and daycare lockers are the easiest solution to combat the mess. Getting your young students in the routine of using their school cubbies teaches them lifelong organization skills and makes your life ten times less stressful. Even the smallest preschool cubbies include enough space for shoes, books and coats. If you run an in-home daycare, a coat rack cubby may be plenty if the kids arenít bringing a lot of books or personal items each day.

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Clothing Storage and Locker Daycare Furniture is perfect for daycares that want to stay organized. Our huge stock of furniture for childcare centers and school classrooms is safe and comfortable for students. These organizational cubbies can help transform any daycare center or classroom into an organized learning environment.

The major difference between daycare cubbies and lockers is that cubbies usually donít have doors and typically include a space thatís easy for small children to sit on when taking their shoes off. How much space you have to work with and what sort of storage options youíre in need of will influence which style you go with.