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Are the cribs at my school compliant?

On December 17, 2010, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) passed new crib regulations. These crib regulations are for all childcare centers and hotels.
The new regulations require nearly all cribs purchased prior to December 2010 and even some purchased in 2011 to be replaced by December 28, 2012. Check your crib.
If it was purchased before June 2011, it is most likely not compliant to the new rules. New standards apply to full-size and non-full-size cribs. As well as wood, metal and stackable cribs.

What are the Major Changes involved in the new Crib Certification Regulations?

1. Traditional Drop-side cribs cannot be made or sold. Please note that no retrofitting will be allowed. Immobilizers and repair kits will not make your crib compliant.

2. Wood Slats Must be made of stronger wood to prevent breakage.

3. New Hardware - New crib standards require crib hardware to have anti-loosening devices to keep hardware from coming loose or falling off.

4. Mattress Supports - Mattress supports must be more durable.

5. Safety Testing - The safety tests that new certified cribs must undergo will be more rigorous.

How can I find out if my current crib is compliant?

Ask the manufacturer, retailer, importer or distributor to:

Describe the product

Give the name, full mailing address and telephone number for the importer or domestic manufacturer

Identify the rule to which it complies (16 CFR 1219 or 1220)

Give name, full mailing address, email address and telephone number for the records keeper, along with the location of testing lab

Give date and location of manufacture and testing

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I have until December 2012 to upgrade my cribs, so why should I purchase them now?

Marketing: The new regulations are being made known to the general public. Many parents will want to know if you have upgraded your cribs. A great way to market to potential parents is to let them know that your center is already in compliance with the standards.
Make a purchasing plan: Many centers need to purchase multiple cribs, which is expensive. If this is a need at your site, begin by purchasing 3-5 cribs a month, to avoid a large expense all at once.

Bulk Savings: If you need to purchase 12+ cribs in one order, please contact us at for discounts on shipping.

Prevent Backorders: Due to the volume of crib orders expected in 2012, manufacture's recommend purchasing early in 2012 to avoid extended backorder delays.

SAVE when you buy in 2011: In 2012, manufacturers pricing will increase. Buy in 2011 and save big on your cribs!

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More information on the new 2011 crib rules

The Consumer Product Safety Commission voted December 15, 2010, to approve a new Rule for Cribs, adopting the most rigorous standards in the world. The Rule is an outcome of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008. Among the performance requirements:

80 lb. loading on individual slats

surviving many thousands of impacts to mattress surface and crib sides

wood screws no longer allowed as sole means of fastening structural joints

traditional drop-side cribs banned (a moveable section of the side is still allowed for easier access to baby)

Of particular concern to infant care providers is Congress's requirement that the Rule be retroactive. No wooden cribs in use prior to the Rule are known to be in compliance with it. All such cribs must be replaced. The Rule allows two years after its publication (expected daily now) for child care centers to replace their cribs. The final deadline is December 28, 2012.

What Everyone Should Know

No retrofitting will be allowed.

Manufacturers had to meet new standards by June 2011.

The new rules apply to owners and operators of child care facilities (including in-home child care, private, public, for profit, non-profit) and public accommodations such as hotels on December 28, 2012.

Rules affect non-full-size AND full-size cribs.

The new rules will affect EVERY crib not just cribs with drop sides.

CPSC will inspect and fine providers violating these rules beginning on 12/29/2012.

Although parents are not mentioned specifically they would be included in the "placement in the stream of commerce" category, which would prohobit them from re-selling or buying cribs that do not meet the new rules.

Source: NCCA