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Bathroom Supplies

What is more important than keeping your school or daycare bathrooms clean? For the best results, you need to use the right product for every cleaning job.

Here are some easy steps to clean your bathroom. First, get a quart mop bucket side press or any sort of container to carry all the cleaning supplies in it, so you won’t forget anything back in the storage room. Be sure to include: soap, surface cleaner, floor cleaner, and paper towels. Second, take any dirty items out of the bathroom such as: clothes, towels, and rugs. It is now time to focus on cleaning the toilet inside and out. Use a bowl brush and bowl cleaner to clean the inside of the toilet bowl. Use disinfectant cleaners to wipe the base and the lid of the toilet. Then clean the sink, the faucets and counter tops. Finally use a glass cleanerfor the mirrors, mop the floor, empty the garbage and add a new can liner. Now that you are finished… relax and enjoy your clean bathroom!

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Sani Wipe Sanitizing Wipes Sani Wipe Sanitizing Wipes 6/175 Count
Our Price: $51.95 / Case of 6
Aerosol Glass Foam Cleaner Aerosol Glass Foam Cleaner 12/20 oz
Our Price: $55.00 / Case of 12
Pearl Drop 4/1 Gal Pearl Drop Hand Soap 4/1 Gallon (Case)
Our Price: $44.75 / Case of 4
Plush Foaming Hand Soap Gallon Refills Plush Foaming Hand Soap 4/ 1 gallon bottles
Our Price: $67.80 / Case of 4

Bathroom Supplies for Daycares and schools. is committed to helping you run a successful business. Did you know that offers economy product lines to save you money? Check out a few of our bathroom supply items in our economy line: economy paper towels, economy toilet paper, soap, and economy gloves. School Restroom supplies such as paper towels, toilet paper, soap, and cleaning supplies are essential for any size public or private school. If you have hundreds of students in your school, you may want to consider jumbo roll toilet tissue in toilet paper dispensers so you don't have to change rolls 20 times per day. Paper towels are convenient for hand drying and should be mounted near the sinks for easy use. And of course, soap dispensers keep germs from spreading. Teach your students to wash their hands at every bathroom break.