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Wooden Building Blocks

Wooden blocks are a mainstay of many preschool and daycare environments and we're offering some fine quality preschool building blocks and daycare building blocks in a range of sizes and price points. The wooden building blocks storage cabinet seen at the top of the page is made in the U.S.A., is GreenGuard Gold-Certified and the ideal size for the 75-piece beginner building block sets. To give you an idea of the great discounts we offer here at PureFUN! Supply, you'll be happy to know that our selling price for this wooden block set cabinet is at a full 30% discount from the manufacturer's selling price on their own website.

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Wonderfoam Block Letters Wonderfoam Block Letters
Our Price: $5.06 / Each
Wooden Abc/123 Blocks Wooden Abc/123 Blocks
Our Price: $14.68 / Each

Screw Block Screw Block
Our Price: $15.27 / Each
Waffle Blocks Waffle Blocks
Our Price: $21.54 / Each
Educolor Blocks 30 Pcs Educolor Blocks 30 Pcs
Our Price: $22.19 / Each
Stack EM Up Blocks Stack EM Up Blocks
Our Price: $22.90 / Each
Tactile Blocks 49 Pieces Tactile Blocks 49 Pieces
Our Price: $24.22 / Set
Wood Pattern Blocks Wood Pattern Blocks
Our Price: $26.50 / Each
Wonderfoam Blocks 40 Pieces Wonderfoam Blocks 40 Pieces
Our Price: $28.71 / Each
Blocks 120 Piece Set Blocks 120 Piece Set
Our Price: $32.82 / Each
Soft & Unique Blocks 80 Pieces Soft & Unique Blocks 80 Pieces
Our Price: $37.31 / Each
Rainbow Blocks Crystal Bead Rainbow Blocks Crystal Bead
Our Price: $39.96 / Each
Rainbow Blocks Sand Rainbow Blocks Sand
Our Price: $39.96 / Each
Magnification Blocks Magnification Blocks
Our Price: $39.96 / Set
Wonderfoam Blocks 68 Pack Wonderfoam Blocks 68 Pack
Our Price: $45.42 / Each  
Baby Knock-Knock Blocks Baby Knock-Knock Blocks
Our Price: $51.19 / Each  
3D Building Blocks 84 Pieces 3D Building Blocks 84 Pieces
Our Price: $53.67 / Set  
Giant Blocks 16/Pk 4-1/3 Thick Giant Blocks 16/Pk 4-1/3 Thick
Our Price: $110.11 / Each
Childrens Daycare Block Sets to encourage building and improve dexterity. The beginner set is being sold here at a 20%+ discount. Larger sets of kids building blocks and corresponding cabinets are also available at similar savings. These are smooth, hardwood blocks with rounded corners for safety. A lifetime warranty applies!