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Early Childhood Manipulatives

We sell some of the best early learning toys and learning materials anywhere. Our manipulatives help stimulate and teach young children motor skills, shapes, sizes and more. Our popular Flat Fish sets come in phonics, word set, alphabet, a numbers. The kids at your daycare center can learn to read, write, and count with fun fish shapes. The Roller coaster teaches preschoolers how to follow lines through two planes. Lacing kits are a great way to foster fine motor skills. Perfect for encouraging proper development in young children, be sure to stock stock your school with plenty of these great toys.

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Zipper Board Zipper Board
Our Price: $20.89 / Each
Lacing Board Lacing Board
Our Price: $20.89 / Each
Button Board Button Board
Our Price: $20.89 / Each
Snap Board Snap Board
Our Price: $20.89 / Each
Learning Boards Set Of 6 Learning Boards Set Of 6
Our Price: $110.46 / Each
Lacing Shoe With Sole Lacing Shoe With Sole
Our Price: $20.59 / Each
Primer Pack Ages 3-6 Primer Pack Ages 3-6
Our Price: $14.29 / Each
Basic Skills Board Basic Skills Board
Our Price: $19.57 / Each
Dress-A-Piller Dress-A-Piller
Our Price: $23.69 / Each
Snap N Learn Shape Butterflies Snap N Learn Shape Butterflies
Our Price: $19.57 / Each
Baby Connects 12 Pieces Baby Connects 12 Pieces
Our Price: $10.42 / Each
A To Z Magnatab Lowercase A To Z Magnatab Lowercase
Our Price: $26.97 / Each
Gator Grabber Tweezers Gator Grabber Tweezers
Our Price: $12.76 / Pack

Play With Shapes Magnet Set Play With Shapes Magnet Set
Our Price: $11.36 / Each
River River
Our Price: $77.69 / Each
These are hands on learning tools so children can learn with their hands and develop motor coordination and dexterity. Buy your wholesale Early Childhood Manipulatives from the leader in childcare, daycare and school supply. Manipulatives are fun and educational for young children.