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Following Directions Books.

Part of learning to read is learning to follow directions. Our language arts curriculum includes Following Directions Books for your children. Some of the products to help boost your child's ability at following directions range from 1st grade, all the way past 5th grade. One recommended product is "Follow the Directions Solve & Draw". This provides an opportunity for your child to practice their cognitive and memory retention abilities through hands-on games and puzzles that are both challenging and fun. With this series, the child must uncover a mystery picture by following the guidance of how to trace the outline. Meanwhile, this product also combines mathematical skills including subtraction, addition, multiplication and division, thus honing multiple areas of skill at one time.

Following Directions Books
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Following Directions Gr 3-4 Following Directions Gr 3-4
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Another excellent homework option is the "Listen, Look And Do" series. One of the concepts behind this series is to help your child in the classroom. The activities in this interactive book are designed to assist with memory retention, visual / auditory discrimination, and the ability to pay attention in class, and is perfect for young students as well as special education students. The development of these skills from an early age may assist with long term cognitive abilities that can assist your child from grade school all the way to college, increasing overall academic abilities and to help with many other situations in life as well. Buy your wholesale Following Directions Books from the leader in childcare, daycare supply and school supply. We are a true one stop shop for teacher and school supplies.