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Animal Full-Body Puppets

There’s nothing more amazing than a child’s imagination when it comes to putting on a puppet show. Although it’s no Broadway act, the stories that come from simple animal hand puppets make children and even adults extremely joyful. With our selection of full-body animal puppets, we offer a wide variety of different animals, including pigs, ducks, dinosaurs, squirrels and much more! Especially great for daycares, schools and other educational institutions, full-body hand puppets provide a fun way to allow kids to exercise their creative storytelling skills.

However, these large animal puppets don’t always have to be maneuvered by kids. Teachers, moms and caretakers can easily utilize these fun hand puppets in order to put on shows for educational purposes as well. Whether you’re trying to explain the complexities of “slow and steady wins the race” through the classic story of “The Tortoise and the Hare” or just a simple lesson on how to be nice, this provides an interesting alternative to basic classroom learning.

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