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Daycares run on a tight budget and can always benefit from a low cost item that will fulfill many different needs. Index Cards to the rescue!! Below Ive listed just a few of the many ways Index Cards can come in handy in a Daycare or Preschool environment.


It is important for Daycare providers to have certain information readily available regardless of computer accessibility. In the event of a power outage or computer crash Daycare Providers still need to be able to find such vital information as parents contact information, food allergies, and medication allergies. A simple file box filled with Index Cards can satisfy that need. An Index Card file is a very organized and space saving way to keep important information close at hand.


In modern times parents have come to expect their childcare provider to do more than just look after their child. Many Daycares also double as a Preschool. Even daycare providers that are not officially classified as a preschool usually offer some educational aspect. Index Cards are an inexpensive and versatile learning tool. Children can pass enjoyable hours decorating Index Cards to be used as bookmarks or creating their very own flash cards.

As children learn to write their names and memorize their addresses and phone numbers they can write their information on an index card that can then be placed in their backpack or lunch box. The card will help identify children's possessions and would double as a safety measure in the terrifying event of a missing child.


The common 3 by 5 Index Card makes the perfect, long-jumping Index Card Origami Frog . Between folding and jumping the frogs with their friends and classmates kids will enjoy hours of frog-filled fun while developing their fine motor skills at the same time.

Index Cards can be folded and stacked in various ways to build structures. Giving a child a pack of Index Cards and allowing them to arrange them in different ways will develop their creativity. Index Cards are less expensive than playing cards and it is less frustrating when one of them is missing from the stack. The larger size can be easier for young children to handle.

The good ol Index Card is the easy and affordable way for any Daycare or Preschool to make sure they always have a project ready to go. With all of the different colors, styles and sizes available the opportunities are endless.
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