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You Deserve Better.


Value: The perfect combination of price, selection and service.
Ease: From Classroom Supplies to Cribs, everything you need from one vendor.
Expertise: “Subject Matter Experts” can help you with: Staff Development, Training and Marketing.
Experience: Over 100 years of combined experience in Child Care and product distribution.
Focus: All of our products and services are designed to serve the Child Care industry.
Advocacy: Our global, Profits in Action initiative funds orphanages, ministry and micro-enterprise.
Better for Kids

Being “Better for Kids” means putting them first.

It means creating a new standard for the Child Care community and embarking on initiatives designed to impact childhood developmental issues ranging from obesity to illiteracy.


Being “Better for Kids” means serving their nutritional needs.

Our wide variety of products pleases even the pickiest of kids while, meeting or surpassing all industry standards. PureFUN! Juice – Meets and exceeds CACFP and Child Care licensing boards for 100% juice blend concentrate. It contains no added sugars, fructose or corn syrup. PureFUN! Food – Healthy options are available as well as lower sodium, lower sugar and no trans-fat.

Fighting Obesity:

Being “Better for Kids” means joining the fight against childhood obesity.

Fitness, nutrition and education are the primary weapons in the fight against obesity. In addition to food, PureFUN! will embark on a fitness awareness campaign. The program will focus on educating children and care givers on topics ranging from better eating habits, to skills based fitness programs designed to develop fine motor skills, build self-esteem and confidence.

PureFUN! and it’s Profits for a Purpose mission teams reach over 500,000 kids, at home and abroad. Join us in being “Better for Kids”!

Better for You

Being “Better for Kids” starts with being “Better for You”.

Our goal is simple…earn and keep your trust. Our pledge is to find better ways to help you be more profitable, deliver superior care and grow your enrollment.

Better Total Cost:

Our Better Total Cost strategy ensures you reduced costs through the deployment of a comprehensive set of solutions, unparalleled support and simple customer – centric systems and tools.

Better Total Cost starts with our Better Buying Experience which addresses:

  1. Menu Costing
  2. Inventory Management
  3. Purchasing/Ordering
  4. Nutritional information
  5. Buying/Business Report
  6. Budgeting

Better for All

“Better for All” means being a driving force in the care and well being of children at home and abroad.

Our approach is built on three core principles:

  1. Community Development
  2. Environmental Accountability
  3. Mission-based Global Initiatives

Profits for a Purpose:

It all starts with our commitment to investing profits into environmentally responsible packaging, child advocacy and mission-based initiatives.

Profits in Action:

“Better Inc.” is an organization established to grow God’s Kingdom and provide love, hope and spiritual renewal. We serve the needs of refugees, children and the downtrodden through charitable giving, micro-enterprise, youth based programs and infrastructure development.

Unlike standard non-profits or mission-based organizations, Better Inc. uses a combination of stateside and ground teams to amplify the impact of resources. This means that more money goes to serve the need not the administration.