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Movement and music for children to support intentional and purposeful teaching. This is the #1 childrens educational music company. Kimbo's award-winning line of CDs and DVDs offer a creative and fun way for kids to learn. Learning through music is a playful approach that makes learning more memorable and motivating.

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Bean Bag and Ball Play CD Bean Bag and Ball Play CD
Our Price: $9.96 / Each  
Simplified Rhythm Stick Cd Simplified Rhythm Stick Cd
Our Price: $12.35 / Each
Six Little Ducks Cd Six Little Ducks Cd
Our Price: $12.35 / Each
Shakin The Chute Shakin The Chute
Our Price: $12.35 / Each  
Steam Themes CD Steam Themes CD
Our Price: $12.35 / Each  
Rock N Roll Fitness Cd Rock N Roll Fitness Cd
Our Price: $15.63 / Each
Everybody Dance Cd Everybody Dance Cd
Our Price: $15.63 / Each
Let s Visit Lullaby Land CD Let's Visit Lullaby Land CD
Our Price: $15.63 / Each
Circle Time Activities CD Circle Time Activities CD
Our Price: $15.67 / Each  
Party Songs For Kids CD Party Songs For Kids CD
Our Price: $15.67 / Each  
Multicultural Movement Fun CD Multicultural Movement Fun CD
Our Price: $15.67 / Each  
Yoga For Kids Cd Yoga For Kids Cd
Our Price: $17.63 / Each  
No 1 Best Kids Songs CDs No 1 Best Kids Songs CDs
Our Price: $17.72 / Each
Smart Fitness Workout Dvd Smart Fitness Workout Dvd
Our Price: $19.54 / Each
Dance Party Fun DVD Dance Party Fun DVD
Our Price: $19.60 / Each  
Everybody Dance Cd Collection Everybody Dance Cd Collection
Our Price: $91.07 / Each
CDs and DVDs that address children's needs for exercise, learning basic concepts and skills, and abundant opportunities to play and have fun! Kimbo themes include singable songs, dances, musical play activities, aerobics, brain-based exercises, literacy, math, history, science, special needs, bilingual and more for classrooms, libraries and PE.