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Craft Paper Bags

Craft paper bags are a must have in any daycare setting. Use these to store daily activities in as well as include them as materials in your projects. Your kids can create masks to play in and many holiday decorations.

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There are endless ideas when using bags for arts and crafts.  Such as making masks, hats, puppets, or make your own designer lunch bag. They are great for any occasion, prizes, gifts or holidays.  Our wide variety of colors and sizes should suit all of your bagging needs. Your child can also use craft bags to create pictures. Instead of using dull-colored construction paper, they can cut out shapes and pictures using the craft bags and glue them on another sheet of paper. This will give their pictures a bright color that they could not achieve with construction paper since the colors are not that vibrant. The best part is your child will have so much fun cutting out the shapes and pictures from the craft bags so it will be a fun project all the way around for them. Buy wholesale Kraft Bags for your school or childcare center children to make masks and other arts and crafts projects with.

Buy Craft Bags at wholesale prices for your school arts and crafts projects. If your child loves to do crafting activities, then you need to know that they can use craft bags to make so many things. You may look at these colorful paper bags and wonder how there can be more than a handful of ways to use them, but you would be mistaken. There are countless websites out there with tutorials and patterns you can download on how to use craft bags in arts and crafts projects.
The most obvious way that a child can use craft bags is to decorate the bag itself. For instance, if your child’s class at school will be exchanging valentines, decorating a red, pink, or white craft bag with hearts and other valentines-related pictures is the perfect way to collect all of those valentines. All you need for this is some glitter glue, some gemstones, and plenty of valentine’s creativity. Of course, if your child is a boy, you may want to tone the decorations down a bit and make it look more boyish. In that case, you will definitely want to skip the glitter glue and gemstones and just let him draw on it with a red marker.
Another way that children can use craft bags to have creative fun is to make hand puppets out of them. You can use any color that your child wants. All you have to do to make the hand puppets using the craft bags is get those silly eyes to glue on the bottom of the bag and let your child draw a mouth or paste one on and then use pipe cleaners for hair – viola! You have an awesome hand puppet that cost less than a happy meal.