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Math Learning Numbers

Learning numbers is the very first step to building basic math skills. The materials here will help you teach your daycare kids and preschoolers their 1s, 2s and 3s. Start your children on the right path with basic number learning materials. We have workbooks, manipulatives and more to help your students learn their numbers with ease! Students will be counting to 100 and beyond in no time at all.

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Magnet Numerals Magnet Numerals
Our Price: $4.75 / Each
10 Row Abacus 10 Row Abacus
Our Price: $20.00 / Each
Hundreds Number Board 12 X 12 Hundreds Number Board 12 X 12
Our Price: $25.00 / Each
80 Foam Fun Magnet Numbers 80 Foam Fun Magnet Numbers
Our Price: $13.00 / Each

Magnetic Foam Small Numbers Magnetic Foam Small Numbers
Our Price: $5.50 / Each
Numbers 0-20 Bulletin Board Set Numbers 0-20 Bulletin Board Set
Our Price: $12.00 / Set  
Numeration or Learning Numbers is important for preschool students to learn. Many parents are interested in what they can do to help their preschooler get a jumpstart on their education. One area that parents may want to consider placing special attention on is when it comes to learning numbers. Although reading and writing are also crucial skills for young children to develop, learning numbers can give a kid the edge they need when it comes to grasping the basic concepts of mathematics, money and even telling time. When a child has a good solid understanding of numbers, they are better equipped to tackle more complicated subjects sooner. Buy your wholesale Math Learning Numbers materials from the leader in childcare, daycare and school supply.

Buy learning Numbers and numeration books at wholesale prices for your classroom. Fortunately, there are a number of materials available that can help children with learning numbers that are also surprisingly affordable and incredibly fun and easy to use. From numbers charts to the Ready Set Learn Dot to Dot Numbers book, the materials are fun and easy for both educators and children. Parents will have no trouble helping their children come to a better understanding of numbers once they introduce them to these colorful and fun filled activity books that virtually ensure their success once they enter the school system. The book also includes a chart that helps apparent keep track of the progress that their child is making.