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Literature Units

Our Literature Units books help your kids learn to read early and are fun for the children. Teach children to read at an early age and they will always have a love of the thrill of reading. Introduce children to classic literature at a level they can understand for maximum success. Our literature units books are ideal for elementary schools and kindergartens. Literature units allow students to engage in a variety of short scripts so they can gain better reading comprehension and fluency. Parents, teachers, and caregivers can choose from a variety of short reads that will engage students through easy to read scripts and fun plays. The Greek Myths Plays features 10 theater scripts from some of the most favored and timeless Greek myths including Daedalus, King Midas, Narcissus, Icarus and Echo. Each script is written in a way suited for a variety of proficiency levels so that students of differing comprehension levels may participate in the learning and fluency process.

Teachers may engage students by having them perform a play based on the readings. By performing a play, students learn to comprehend what they have read. The students can act or read-aloud with the rest of the class. Repetitive reading-aloud helps students to obtain the speed and fluency they need to automatically read and recognize a word as time goes by. Books may feature discussion questions for the students to answer once the reading aspect is finished. The questions will help teachers evaluate how much of the reading the students understood so the teacher can provide more in-depth comprehension assistance. Buy your wholesale Language Arts Literature Units from the leader in childcare, daycare supply and school supply.

Literature Units are a convenient way to organize your class reading projects. For grades 3 to 5, teachers may benefit from Classroom Literature Circles, which features a variety of fun literature instruction needed to create interactive circles. The book provides steps for setting up literature groups and finding the right type of literature to engage students in the learning and comprehension process. We offer four outstanding collections of your favorite story classics. Each comes with activities and teacher guides for the particular book you are studying at the time. With a wide variety of titles in every Literature collection you are sure to find the perfect fit for your classroom.

Classic literature is not the only way to engage child reading comprehension. Children may also love a collection of favored classic fairy tales or folktales. These stories are often fun and engaging. Children love to hear these stories because they provide an almost whimsical storyline. Providing fun literature for children to read inspires their willingness to comprehend what they are reading. If the student finds the literature boring or slow, they are less likely to participate in learning the meaning of the literature. Literature units allow teachers and parents to provide students with fun materials needed for fundamental literature comprehension. Buy Literature Units Books for your school at wholesale prices.