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Magnetic Letters.

Magnetic Letters are great toys for kids to play with and learn about spelling and words. Many homes today have a full alphabet of Magnetic Letters on their refrigerators. Daycares and childcare centers should offer magnetic letters for their children to experiment with. Magnetic letters can be used to play matching games where kids match the uppercase letter to its lowercase equivalent. Magnetic letter learning materials brings a whole new level of fun to the classroom. Play spelling games as your students race against the clock to find the letters they need. The letters allow children to associate letters with sounds so they can grasp the basics of word recognition.

Magnetic Letters
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Children go through a variety of learning stages, the first beginning with word pronunciation and the second dealing with word meaning.  Magnetic letters provide the foundation for letter and word recognition need so children can then move onto to learning word meaning.  Brightly colored magnetic letters allow the children to recognize letters and numbers.  They can also form words using the letters so they can grasp word recognition. Buy your wholesale Magnetic Letters from the leader in childcare, daycare supply and school supply. We are a true one stop shop for pre-school supplies.