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Math Measuring Tools and Books

Measuring Books and devices help your kids learn how to measure liquids, solids, and lengths and widths. We are the leading homeschool and childcare supplies site for measurement learning materials. We have a Book or Device for every center. As children begin to explore the world around them, they often have difficulty estimating the size and shape of their surroundings. One way to help a child better understand these concepts is to the use of measuring games and toys. These concepts can seem quite abstracted young children which is why many educators feel that it is best to introduce and these topics as early as possible. Simple Standard Measuring Cups 4 Pieces sets, for example, can help a child get a better understanding of things like one cup, 1/2 cup, 1/3 cup and 1/4 cup measurements.

Measuring Books and Toys
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Beginners Balance 15-3/4w X 4h Beginners Balance 15-3/4w X 4h
Our Price: $14.68 / Each
Liter Measurement Set Liter Measurement Set
Our Price: $29.45 / Each
Brass Mass Set 10/Pk Precision Brass Mass Set 10/Pk Precision
Our Price: $14.68 / Each
Platform Scale 5kg/11 Lb. Platform Scale 5kg/11 Lb.
Our Price: $14.68 / Each
Precision School Balance W/ Precision School Balance W/
Our Price: $39.27 / Each
10m/30ft Wind-Up Tape 10m/30ft Wind-Up Tape
Our Price: $9.81 / Each
Tape Measures 30m/100ft Tape Measures 30m/100ft
Our Price: $15.66 / Each
Baby Bear Balance Set Baby Bear Balance Set
Our Price: $29.45 / Each
Pan Balance Pan Balance
Our Price: $29.45 / Each
Pan Balance Jr. Pan Balance Jr.
Our Price: $19.63 / Each
Gallon Measurement Set Gallon Measurement Set
Our Price: $39.27 / Each
Measuring Jars Gill Pint Quart Measuring Jars Gill Pint Quart
Our Price: $19.57 / Each
Measuring Cups Set Of 4 Measuring Cups Set Of 4
Our Price: $2.93 / Each
54 Piece Metric Weight Set 54 Piece Metric Weight Set
Our Price: $9.81 / Each
Folding Meter Stick Folding Meter Stick
Our Price: $5.87 / Each
Digital Scale Digital Scale
Our Price: $48.32 / Each
Liter Cube Liter Cube
Our Price: $6.87 / Each
Liter Pitcher Liter Pitcher
Our Price: $6.09 / Each
Measurement Gr 4-8 Measurement Gr 4-8
Our Price: $12.41 / Each
Cloth Tape Measure Cloth Tape Measure
Our Price: $2.06 / Each
Measuring Motors Measuring Motors
Our Price: $32.32 / Each
Animal Answer Buzzers Animal Answer Buzzers
Our Price: $19.57 / Set
Buy your wholesale Measuring learning materials from the leader in childcare, home schooling, and school supply. There are also Standard Measuring Spoons 5 Pieces sets that introduce children to tablespoon measurements. A Liter Cube, Liter Pitcher, or Digital Scale can all help a child gain a better understanding of the way things are measured while also being fun and entertaining to use. Measuring games and toys make learning a fun experience for both kids and adults and can help a child gain the understanding that they need to score better on tests, excel at math and achieve their goals as they grow older. Young children especially enjoy taking a hands-on approach to learning about weights and measurements.