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Rulers for School & Classrooms

We have arts and crafts rulers in a variety of colors and sizes for daycares, schools and childcare centers. Our wholesale rulers for children are made from wood, plastic or even stainless steel. We have yardsticks and meter sticks too! Stock up now so the kids of your childcare facility can learn to measure and draw straight lines.

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School Ruler Wood 12 In Single 12 Inch Wood Ruler
Our Price: $0.71 / Each
Yardstick Classroom Wooden Yardstick
Our Price: $2.77 / Each
Meterstick Classroom Meterstick
Our Price: $3.19 / Each
Plastic Ruler 12in Plastic Ruler 12in
Our Price: $0.49 / Each
Bolder Borders Ruler Bolder Borders Ruler
Our Price: $3.60 / Each
Ruler Tape Ruler Tape
Our Price: $5.61 / Each
Giant Ruler Giant Ruler
Our Price: $9.70 / Each
Student Elapsed Time Ruler Student Elapsed Time Ruler
Our Price: $1.95 / Each
Stainless Steel 12in Ruler Stainless Steel 12in Ruler
Our Price: $2.22 / Each
Safe-T Angle/Linear Ruler Safe-T Angle/Linear Ruler
Our Price: $2.93 / Each
Ultraflex Safe-T Ruler Ultraflex Safe-T Ruler
Our Price: $1.95 / Each
Plastic Ruler Clear 12 in. Plastic Ruler Clear 12 in.
Our Price: $0.39 / Each
Economy Wood Ruler Economy Wood Ruler
Our Price: $0.37 / Each
Meter Stick Meter Stick
Our Price: $2.89 / Each
Rulers Cursive Writing Rulers Cursive Writing
Our Price: $1.34 / Each
Yardstick Yardstick
Our Price: $2.58 / Each
Rulers Colorful Paw Prints Rulers Colorful Paw Prints
Our Price: $1.34 / Each
Buy wholesale rulers for your childcare center today. Teach the kids in at your daycare how to measure at an early age. Many of our rulers have both the English and the metric system of measurement. Rulers are also great for drawing straight lines in art class.