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Sand & Water Toys for Kids

Sand is a great way to keep your children entertained in your daycare facility. After all, they all love the beach. Kids can play with sand toys, including molds of the alphabet that help teach them their letters and words. You can buy moon sandbox toys for your childcare facility as well as sand and water wheels for hours of outdoor fun on the playground and at recess in schools. Buckets and pails are always fun beach toys, along with sand castle molds. Add water toys for kids and toddlers to your childcare centerís sandbox and playground.

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Sand is one of the most versatile and free-form play mediums available. Sand play involves many different senses and can be very soothing. Kinesthetic learners will love to bury their hands in the sand and feel the texture, while the many different colors available will appeal to a more visually motivated child. Sand is a useful tool in teaching many different concepts. Sand can be easily measured by weight or volume. It can be divided, multiplied, added to and subtracted from. Wet sand is heavier and changes color and can be shaped and molded as long as itís not too wet. When the water evaporates, the creation crumbles. When wet sand becomes very cold, it freezes. When sand is exposed to the sun, it will retain the warmth. Sand can be pushed, pulled, stacked, scooped and poured. Just imagine all of the learning that will take place while the children simply play with kidsí sand toys.

Provide your kids with our Sand and Water Games for endless hours of fun and learning in your childcare centers and schools. It is no secret that kids love to play with toys that allows them to get wet or play in dirt or sand. This is why sand and water play is important, as it demands children's attention and helps them learn necessary skills. Games that involve water or sand help open up children's imaginations, especially when playing with sand and using it to build. There are various molds available to help children build sandcastles, bridge, brick house or whatever they can imagine. Water play also opens up the imagination as well as providing a game of discovery and thinking.

Sand and Water Games for your childcare and church centers. Sand and water play provides many learning experiences for children. Sand and water tables require children to use their fingers, hands, arms and trunk as they maintain overall balance and coordination. Hand and eye coordination as well as wrist control, forearm rotation and hand grasping skills are all facilitated while scooping, shoveling, digging and using fingers to play in and or water. Development of fine motor skills in young children is important as it is the same skills used later when learning to write. Children who play in groups also learn about physical engagement and take turns, which help with people skills.