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Sight Words

Sight Words Learning Materials are perfect for helping children learn basic words in the earliest years of learning. Sight Words help to enhance their reading skills as they learn to recognize words faster. Sight words focus on developing recognition of the most commonly used words so that students can spend their energy on unfamiliar words. Learning sight words will also help to boost children's confidence in their reading abilities and inspire them to keep up the good work.

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Daily Word Ladders Grs 1-2 Daily Word Ladders Grs 1-2
Our Price: $18.02 / Each
The Best Sight Word Book Ever The Best Sight Word Book Ever
Our Price: $25.31 / Each
100 Write And Learn Sight Word 100 Write And Learn Sight Word
Our Price: $14.42 / Each
Sight Words - Level 1 Sight Words - Level 1
Our Price: $7.20 / Each
Sight Words - Level 2 Sight Words - Level 2
Our Price: $7.20 / Each
Sight Words - Level 3 Sight Words - Level 3
Our Price: $7.20 / Each
100 Sight Word Mini-Books 100 Sight Word Mini-Books
Our Price: $14.42 / Each
Sight Words Card Set Sight Words Card Set
Our Price: $11.43 / Each
Sight Word Reader Library Sight Word Reader Library
Our Price: $19.83 / Each
Extra Practice For Struggling Extra Practice For Struggling
Our Price: $11.71 / Each
Learning Lift Off Cvc Words Learning Lift Off Cvc Words
Our Price: $8.77 / Each
Sight Words are a great to help teach young students learning to read the exceptions to the rules. A huge part of a child learning to read is sounding out the letters of each word to help them decipher the word. Unfortunately, this method doesn't work with every word. The English language has silent letters and words whose spelling isn't straight forward making a young reader unable to sound out the word. These words are called sight words. According to the Dolch List, a comprehensive list of all sight words, there are over 2200 sight words in the English language. A few examples of these words are blue, make and eight. Give them a try to help better understand. For a young student to overcome these words and read fluently a teacher must get creative in finding a way for the children to memorize the words, and there are many resources available that accomplish just that. Buy your wholesale Sight Words from the leader in childcare, daycare supply and school supply. We are a true one stop shop for preschool and school supplies.

One of the most comprehensive teaching aids available to help students overcome sight words is "Systematic Sight word Instruction for Reading Success". This educational resource was developed by two teachers, Kimberly Bouquett and Stephanie Lindsey. Their step-by-step teaching guide enables students to learn these difficult words over a 35-week course. Included are daily lessons, group activities, practice pages, assessments and transparencies for overhead projectors. The guide starts out simple enough and slowly builds the children's knowledge until they fully comprehend sight words after the 35-week program.Sight Words for your school or childcare center at wholesale prices.