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Theme Units for Childcare Centers and Schools

Teachers in elementary schools can use our Theme Units to cover one thematic topic at a time. We offer thematic units based on rhymes, apples, bugs, the circus, beach, dental health, and journaling books using a creative writing theme revolving around math, music, character, and more. In fact, we have so many great books ready for your use that the possibility of you running out of ideas before the end of the year is unimaginable. Kids love to learn hands-on. These colorful books have the ideas and activities you need to keep your little sponges soaking up new information every day. There's just no reason that learning need be a dry, dull, experience when there is so much fun to be had.

You will be amazed by the way thematic units allow you to tie all subjects into one broad based teaching and learning experience. Your students won't be jarred by transitioning quickly from subject to another and needing to put away what they have just learned, but instead, they will allowed to continue progressing through each theme will still picking up valuable knowledge in all required areas. With our books, you will be able to keep a steady pace, be amply prepared, able to quickly make notes, revisions, record grades and thoughts, and enjoy a satisfying, successful, year with a classroom full of happy students. Buy your wholesale Theme Units from the leader in childcare and school supply.