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Trend Flash Cards

These fun to use flash cards from Trend are used in school classrooms and childcare centers throughout America to learn math, words and more. They are a great way to practice math and spelling while keeping things fun.
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Pocket Flash Cards Alphabet 56-Pk Pocket Flash Cards Alphabet 56-Pk
Our Price: $3.75 / Each

Pocket Flash Cards Animals Pocket Flash Cards Animals
Our Price: $3.75 / Each
Pocket Flash Cards Make 56-Pk Pocket Flash Cards Make 56-Pk
Our Price: $3.75 / Each
Flash Cards Palabras E 96/Box Flash Cards Palabras E 96/Box
Our Price: $7.25 / Each
Flash Cards Consonants 72/Box Flash Cards Consonants 72/Box
Our Price: $7.25 / Each
Flash Cards Alphabet 80/Box Flash Cards Alphabet 80/Box
Our Price: $7.25 / Each
Flash Cards Money 96/Box Flash Cards Money 96/Box
Our Price: $7.25 / Each
Sight Words flash cards are great to help teach young students basic words when learning to read. Flash cards remain in classrooms as one of the best tools for learning and memorization. When students repeatedly see images on the cards, their brain forms a memory bank, allowing them to recall the information on the card. Incorporating color onto the cards makes the learning process easier. Language Arts flash cards with bold colors prompt students to unlock the memorization portion of their brain. Flash cards may provide picture words, sigh words, single letters, single words, or entire sentences. Additionally, flash cards may provide bold black lettering or differing primary colors ranging from bold bright reds, greens, and blues. Trend classroom Flash Cards are fun to practice and have competitions with in your classrooms and schools.

Jumbo Language Arts flash cards feature some of the most commonly used words in the reading language to help students learn to read, write, and speak more fluently. The cards allow students to grasp words ranging from small, manageable words used every day to words that are longer and more advanced. Even high school and college students still use flash cards to help them study, further proving the worth of using flash cards in the classroom for younger students. While flash cards are a good addition to any classroom, parents may also benefit from using Language Arts flash cards at home. Buy Language Arts Flash Cards Sight Words for your school or childcare center at wholesale prices.