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Whiteboard Erasers

Whiteboard Erasers for childcare and daycare centers are a convenient way to remove that days activities from the board. Our erasers come in multiple colors, shapes, and designs. We offer magnetized and non magnetized erasers for your cleaning convenience.

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Economy Whiteboard Eraser Economy Whiteboard Eraser
Our Price: $2.75 / Each
Republic Eraser Republic Standard Eraser
Our Price: $2.00 / Each
Eagle Eraser Eagle Premium Eraser
Our Price: $2.25 / Each
Magnetic Whiteboard Eraser Magnetic Whiteboard Eraser
Our Price: $3.00 / Each
12 In 1 Whiteboard Eraser 12 In 1 Whiteboard Eraser
Our Price: $4.50 / Each
12-In-1 Whiteboard Eraser 12-In-1 Whiteboard Eraser
Our Price: $3.00 / Each
Buy your wholesale Whiteboard Erasers from the leader in childcare and school supply. Whiteboards are found in most classrooms in America today and are easy to use and easy to clean with our whiteboard erasers. Now teachers can use dry erase sheets and paddles to teach with which are more cost effective than paper and pencils. So now more than ever dry erasers are needed for teaching.