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Wiebe Carlson and Associates

WCA Games That Teach is a leading Pre K-12 educational publisher specializing in board-games and activities for the classroom and home. WCA puplishes a variety of supplemental board-games appropriate for elementery, middle and high school students in math, language arts, science, social studies and more. State and national standards receive careful attention.
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Domino Math Domino Math
Our Price: $7.24 / Each
More Domino Math More Domino Math
Our Price: $7.24 / Each
Triangle Flashcards Mult/Div Triangle Flashcards Mult/Div
Our Price: $7.85 / Each
Fraction Dominoes Game Fraction Dominoes Game
Our Price: $11.78 / Each
Equivalent Fraction Dominoes Equivalent Fraction Dominoes
Our Price: $11.78 / Each
Sentence Scramble Sentence Scramble
Our Price: $15.70 / Each
Multifactor Multifactor
Our Price: $24.20 / Each
Integer Chess Integer Chess
Our Price: $24.22 / Each
Discount Game Discount Game
Our Price: $25.52 / Each
Words Galore Words Galore
Our Price: $25.52 / Each
Budget Budget
Our Price: $25.52 / Each
Bank Account Bank Account
Our Price: $25.52 / Each
Super Sentence Super Sentence
Our Price: $25.52 / Each
Managing My Allowance Game Managing My Allowance Game
Our Price: $25.52 / Each
WCA educational board-games and activities motivate learners through engaging contexts and interest grabbing content.  A variety of well designed, readily-understood formats aid rapid developement of fluency in basic skills and beyond. WCA games invite active participation, engage multiple senses, and emerse students in subject matter, three keys to successful learning.  The recognized subject matter expertise and productive classroom experience of our authors assures that WCA products will motivate, encourage, and inspire learning in your childcare facility.